How to Market your Landscaping Business with a $0 Budget!

6 ways to market and promote your landscaping business

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1) Google Business Profile

You must set up your Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, and Bing business page. It’s free. Google will mail you a card that comes with a code that you need to enter on Google to claim your business. Once it’s all set up. Add a professional-looking profile photo, write a short description of your lawn care business with contact info, and your website. Post your landscaping business photos, and relevant posts regularly. Use Google analytics to narrow down the search keywords. Use them to optimize your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). Focus more on google review than other reviews. Ask existing and past clients to write reviews for you to increase social proof.

2) Social Media

You need to set up your social media accounts across all platforms: facebook business page, twitter handle, Instagram, tiktok, and linkedin pages. Come up with a creative profile that showcases your lawn care expertise and service. Be sure to clearly state your website and contact info on your social media profile. This is ours: The easiest way to clean your yard & lawn. Instant price quote & booking! Book online here. Post regularly with contents that provide values to your followers. Posts that are helpful get shared more often. Engage with audience. Offer helpful tips about the landscaping industry.

3) No printing for you

We don’t do printed ads, never printed door hangers. We do have business cards that we give out to new lawn care clients from time to time. We are not a big fan of traditional marketing since day one and focus our efforts on digital marketing only as well as our own instant price quote website. Check out this blog for more info.

4) Yelp

Many business owners including us don’t like Yelp. You don’t need to spend anything to claim your landscaping business on Yelp. If you’re on their platform, it doesn’t hurt to get new clients from them. Business is still business right? We do get Yelp's new lead message from time to time. We check the lead’s profile. If you only see 1-star reviews they give everywhere, don’t respond. Chances are, they will give you a 1-star too. Wait for a few days, yelp will email you to remind you to respond, then click don’t intend to reply. This way, it won’t hurt your response time and rate. 

4) Google search

Our landscaping site traffic and people calling are mostly organic search through google. Be sure to optimize your website with the right keywords. 

5) More reviews, better social proof = more business

Send an auto-email to clients after each service with a simple review link at the end to increase the number of reviews. Focus on Google review, many of the new leads come from google search and they many read the reviews before contacting you.

6) Referral and gift card programs

Have a referral program like ours to give incentives to have clients refer others to you. A gift card program is a great way to get some sales when a friend or family member is kind to send a yard, lawn care gift card to others. Post your offerings from time to time on Google Business Profile and on social media. lawn care business software comes with referral features to help landscapers reach out to more clients.

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