5 Ways to Increase Sales for Your Landscaping Business

Marie C.

Last Update il y a 2 ans

1) Use technology

When we started out building our landscaping business, we set our mind to make the process of hiring landscapers easier. We built our website to let people book the service online. They search their address, see the quote, and can book the service online. Using technology like ours allows us to grow our landscaping business well in our city, we now have multiple crews since, and have online booking almost daily. Use all technology tools that are available to you to increase sales and sign up more clients.

2) Customer relationship management (CRM)

Use customer relationship management (CRM) tool to help bring in more business. Our lawn care business has thousands of old and existing clients in our database. Trees need trimming once a year; the lawn needs fertilizer regularly. Reach out to them. More reason to have repeated clients than a one-off. You should have add-on business regularly either you reach out to them or they ask for it. You need a CRM plan if you want to grow to the next level.

3) PAID ads

Paid ads can be effective and bring in new business. If you’re spending $$ on ads, it’d be good to know your client segments so you can target them specifically to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

• Homeowners: Most clients of ours are a younger crowd, professionals who don’t have any time to do yard work or wait for someone to come out to give a quote.

• Investors: Out of state, snowbirds, send them after service photos, they will appreciate it.

• Property managers: We work for a property management company that manages over 2,000 investment properties in our city. They give us a constant stream of work. Many are large ticket one-time cleanup. Find yours in your city. Contact them. They may be looking for landscapers.

• Realtors: We got work from realtors here and there. Most we know don’t give us much work. We don’t actively reach out to them. Not worth our time in our opinion.

• Apartments, shopping centers, Home Owner Associations (HOAs): We avoid this type of business although we do have a few. Net 30 payment is too long. We understand it’s a large amount but it ties up our resources. A good size apartment landscape maintenance could take 3 guys half a day. Residential homes are quick, excellent receivable, job done, click charge, and get paid the next day. You just need a lot of repeat clients. With lots of smaller clients, you reduce the risk of losing big clients. If you have too many large commercial clients, what if they cancel the contract next year, it’ll crush your top line. You lose a residential client out of hundreds or thousands, no big deal.

• HOA, city violations: Depending on the HOA, cities, and states, they send our violations to residents if they don’t maintain the yard. Many only find help right before the fine kicks in. Those are very good businesses. If you pick up the call, you most likely will get it. Convince them to sign up for maintenance, more recurring, add-on revenue.

4) Social Media

Post regularly on your social media accounts. Don’t post about your work daily with the message of buy-me. Focus on the values you can provide to your followers. Post tips on how to help their lawn and yard look amazing. Many followers of yours may find it helpful and are willing to share your content. We’ve had many new leads came directly from social media posts that are helpful to landscaping clients.

5) Saving time >> more money in your pocket

You need a system that can run your business efficiently and a crew who has the experience and know what they’re doing. Have the vision to set the business up so you’re not the one who does the labor work, instead, you’re the one who manages, and markets the business. We have online booking almost daily with no ad spend using our own system. Focus on smaller clients instead of big HOA, commercial clients that can take a long time to close the deal. You’ll be glad when hundreds of recurring clients constantly give you additional work. Many will say don’t start a landscaping business, it’s bottom of the barrel, and you’re competing with low-wage folks who charge nothing. If you are reliable and dependable, you will get business, and people are willing to pay more. Use good business ethics. 

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