Why you should NOT print flyers, door hangers to market your landscaping business?

Print marketing like flyers and door hangers are becoming less popular because it's not the best way to market your landscaping business. Instead, you should be using online marketing channels for better ROI.

Marie C.

Last Update a month ago

Print marketing is a dying trend. It's not the most cost-effective way to market your business. Not only it’s expensive, but it’s also time-consuming to look for print shops, design the materials and arrange delivery of the marketing materials. 

This is particularly true if your clients and customers are Gen Z and millennials. They grew up used to using cell phones, texting, and emails in the digital world. Picking up a phone, dialing, and calling to make an appointment isn’t their preferred option. They prefer finding landscapers online either through search engines or on home service providers listing websites. 

Instead of spending your marketing budget on printed materials, you should be using online marketing channels for better results. We built our own app that has an instant price quote and online booking features. We got our first lawn care service job online the day we launched our lawn care business. We have done over 46k services since we launched, and we have online bookings almost daily. If you don’t have an instant quotes system on your website, at least have a scheduling feature on your website to market your business. You should have a Google Business Profile listing to bring in more lead easier to find you.

There are other outbound marketing tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Nextdoor app, and Twitter that you can leverage to get the words out which is far more effective than print marketing. Social media and community networks provide better customer engagement rates and lower bounce rates than print media does. If you can create contents that are informative, helpful, or even funny, it could potentially become viral and further help spread the word for your business. 

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