8 Tips that Make Landscapers' Life Easier

Marie C.

Last Update 2 tahun yang lalu

👉 If you offer gravel ⛏️work, call a few gravel vendors for pricing. Most offer contractor discounts. Clarify the delivery charge which varies among vendors. Give clear delivery instructions. The right dumping spot saves you time.

👉Fixing an irrigation 💧 leak could take much longer than expected. Finding the source is much harder than fixing it sometimes. This will mess up the day’s schedule. Rescheduling could be a mess just to check what days to reschedule to.

👉Stolen tools🔨. As landscapers ourselves, we’ve had $600 blowers, $800 lawnmowers stolen multiple times. You need to lock 🔑 them in the trailers.

👉Clients 😲cancel. Ask them why. Don’t make the same mistakes if you’re in the wrong. Many clients won’t tell you unless you ask.

👉When new prospects cold calling you for an estimate, if mowing only, you can ask how tall the grass is in inches, go to findlotsize.com to measure the area. You can give them rough estimates that way. Try to turn one time up to recurring maintenance. We charge more on the one-time service and 💸discount on the first service.

👉Crews may miss things. You need to be ready to fix the mistake, and put out the 🔥. Maintain good communications 🎤always. New leads will call to ask you to come out to see the yard, we direct them to our website that has an instant quote or have them send you the most recent photos.

👉To grow your landscaping business, pick up the phone. Show up if you said you would. Build trust with honest work. Have a system like App.HouseofYards.com that automates your tasks.

👉Minimize time to drive around town to give a quote. Use an instant price quote system to bring clients to you. 

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