Enhanced Quote Feature with "View Quote" button

'View Quote' Button and Quote Viewed Notification on House of Yards App!

Marie C.

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How to Get Started:

Log in to your House of Yards App account and navigate to the Quotes section. From there, you can generate and send quotes as usual, knowing that your clients will receive a professional, easy-to-view email with a direct link to their quote.

Once your client opens the quote, you'll receive an instant notification, enabling you to follow up promptly and efficiently.

View Quote Button and Instant Notifications:

When you generate and send a quote through House of Yards App, your clients will now automatically receive an email containing a "View Quote" button. This button isn't just for show - it's a direct link to a web page where your clients can easily view the quote you've prepared for them.

Once your client clicks on the "View Quote" button, they'll be taken to a dedicated web page that clearly displays all the details of the quote you've provided. No more confusion or back-and-forth emails trying to decipher the terms - everything they need to know is laid out clearly and professionally.

As soon as your client views the quote, you'll receive an instant notification. That's right, you'll know the moment they open it, allowing you to follow up with them promptly while your services are fresh on their mind.

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