Adding, Uploading, and Removing Photos in the House of Yards App

Enhance Your Quotes with Visuals: Adding, Uploading, and Removing Photos

Marie C.

Last Update 18 days ago

Now, you can add, upload, and remove photos directly within your quotes to provide a clearer picture to your customers. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to utilize this feature:

How to Add, Upload, and Remove Photos in Your Quotes

Navigate to the Quote Section:

On the left-hand menu, locate and click on "Quote."

Create a New Quote:

Once in the Quote section, click on "New Quote" to begin drafting a new quote.

Add a Photo:

While creating your quote, you'll notice an "Add Photo" button. Click on it to upload an image from your device.

Upload Photo:

Select the desired photo from your device's storage and upload it. You can add multiple photos to provide a comprehensive visual representation.

Remove Photo (if needed):

If you need to remove a photo, simply hover over the image and click on the "Remove" or "Delete" option, usually represented by a trash can icon.

Complete Your Quote:

After adding all necessary photos, proceed with filling out the rest of the quote details.

Send or Save Your Quote:

Once your quote is complete, you have the option to either send it directly to your customer or save it for later. Click on the respective button ("Send" or "Save Quote") to proceed.

Tips for Using Photos in Your Quotes

Quality Matters: Ensure that the photos you upload are clear and accurately represent the work or product you're quoting for.

Relevance: Select photos that best showcase the specific aspects of the project or product being quoted.

Organization: If you're adding multiple photos, consider organizing them logically to make it easier for your customers to understand.

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