What Are the Different Types of Users?

House of Yards App User Types

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Owners: These are the primary software subscribers, typically super admins, as well as lawn care and landscaping business owners. Only ONE owner is allowed per subscription account. Owners' profiles can be accessed on the Owner profile page under Users.

Administrators have access to all software features, with the exception of Accounting and Payment Reports. Admins are unable to edit an owner's profile.

Managers: Managers have access to all features, with the exception of editing admin profiles, creating new admins, and accessing Accounting and Payment Reports. They are unable to edit admin or owner profiles, as well as domain, company, and price settings. This user type is recommended for management positions.

Clients: Clients include homeowners, companies, and individuals who hire and pay landscaping business owners for landscaping and lawn care services.

Crews: This user type refers to employees and contractors who perform the work for the owners.

Vendors: Vendors are individuals or companies that provide materials and products for landscaping and lawn care work.

Applicants:  This user type includes job applicants who apply for jobs on your website.

Inactive: Inactive users are those who have been deactivated.

User TypesLogin URL (link)
Ownersapp.houseofyards.com, Login (secure.houseofyards.com/#/login)
AdminsLandscaper website (e.g. my-biz.houseofyards.com/login)
ManagersLandscaper website (e.g. my-biz.houseofyards.com/login)
CrewsLandscaper website (e.g. my-biz.houseofyards.com/login)
ClientsLandscaper website (e.g. my-biz.houseofyards.com/login)
VendorsNot Available
ApplicantsNot Available
User TypesPermissions
OwnersHave access to all software features and edit all user permissions (active or inactive)
AdminsHave access to all software features EXCEPT account, payment reports. Admins can edit manager profile. Admins can't edit owner profile
ManagersHave access to all software features EXCEPT account, payment reports. Managers can't edit owner, admin profiles, price settings, company, and domain settings.
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