How to Charge Jobs?

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In order to charge one or more jobs simultaneously, you can simply select the corresponding Charge Boxes and then click on the Charge Selected Jobs button with 1-click. This can help you save time as you won't have to charge each job individually.

The charge box can only be used for jobs that are paid for with cards. For jobs that are paid for with cheques or cash, you'll need to close each job one at a time.

Upon charging a job, the client was sent an automated email notification with the subject line:

Subject: "Thank you for choosing "Your Company Name"

Thank you for choosing "Your Company Name" for your landscaping service for the following:

Service Date: x/x/2023

Address: Sample Address, City, State

Service Price: $XX.XX

Please login here to view your next appointment date.

Landscaper first name

Company Name

Branded website address

For further information about House of Yards landscape business software, visit House of Yards can also be found across social media, including Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram, with a demo of the software available on YouTube.

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