How to Look Up Crew Job Record History

Steps to Access and Review Job Records by Selecting Job Date Range in Crew Profile

Marie C.

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Looking up the lawn care crew's job record history can be an essential task for monitoring performance and tracking progress. Here are the steps to follow when trying to view job records for a landscaping crew:

Step 1: Click All Crew from the left menu

Step 2: Select either Employee or Contractor from the All Crew tab on the left. Click on the crew's name.

Step 3: Select the job date range

On the crew's profile page, select the date range for the jobs you wish to view. You can choose to view jobs from a particular day, week, month, year, today, tomorrow, or yesterday. 

Step 4: View the jobs

After selecting the job date range, the system should display a list of all jobs assigned to, and completed by the landscaping crew within that period. This list includes details such as the job date, location, service type, and crew price (contractor only).

Step 5: Review the job records

To review the details of a single job, Click the Show icon from the job list.

In conclusion, following these steps will enable you to access and view the job records of a landscaping crew. Remember to use this information to help monitor performance and track progress, as well as identify areas for improvement.

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