Crews types: Contractors, employees

Marie C.

Last Update a year ago

House of Yards App is a versatile software that caters to the needs of both employees and contractor crews. 

If you want to access the information about the existing crews, you can go to the Users tab on the left menu, select All Crew and then choose whether you want to view the Contractors or Employees. You can view the profile of any crew by clicking on their name.

Creating a new crew is easy as well. All you need to do is click on New User, fill in the required crew information, and click on Create User.

Crew's profile

The crew's profile feature of the app allows you to easily navigate to a particular crew's profile, where you can view all the jobs assigned to them in one place. With just one-click, you can quickly navigate to the client's profile or the individual job page.

Contractor price support

The Contractor price support feature is also available, where you can assign a specific contractor margin and custom pricing to each contractor job. The app displays the contractor price in both the job summary and contractor profile page for easy reference.

With House of Yards App, both employees and contractor crews can enjoy the benefits of an intuitive software that simplifies their work and boosts their productivity.

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